Before buying Prohormone in USA, we recommend that athletes carefully study the dosage regimen to avoid negative consequences

After reading this information, you will have a clear idea of whether to buy Prohormone and how to properly use an anabolic agent.

Prohormone is a versatile steroid for drying and slimming, accompanied by a “mild” action and excellent tolerance.

The steroid is produced by most manufacturers mainly in injectable form. Prohormone has no toxic or another inhibitory effect on liver function.

Strengths and characteristics Prohormone

  • promotes the burning of subcutaneous fat (non-functional weight) and the maximum preservation of “dry” muscle tissue during the period of weight loss (anti-catabolic effect)
  • improves the quality of the relief (muscle definition) and contributes to the preservation of strength indicators
  • characterized by mild androgenic properties, low incidence of side effects, and is well tolerated by the body
  • a good steroid option for the “bridge” between steroid cycles
  • is not converted to estrogen and has no toxic effect on the liver
  • does not significantly affect libido (potency)
  • can be used in female bodybuilding (women)
  • suitable for both beginners and experienced athletes

Where Prohormone applies

Prohormone is a high-quality steroid, perfect for drying and losing weight. You should not expect an increase in muscle mass in solo cycles, but it will help to make the accumulated muscles relief, “tough” and “solid”, saving the athlete from subcutaneous fat as much as possible. The absence of aromatization and any side effects with the correct organization of the cycle allows us to recommend it not only to experienced athletes but also to novice “chemists” and even women. Its only drawback is most likely the high price, but this steroid certainly justifies the money spent in full.

Dosages and cycle times

The substance cycle should last 6-8 weeks. For longer periods, “gonadotropin” (hCG) must be injected. Injectable “Prohormone” is administered at a dosage of 400mg per injection – once a week. 

Mandatory Post-Cycle Therapy after ingestion of Prohormone

Post-cycle therapy is carried out based on typical antiestrogens – “Tamoxifen” (30-20-10 mg daily in the first, second, third weeks, respectively) and Clomid (100-50-25 mg per day in the 1-2-3rd week, respectively) and lasts for a total of 3 weeks. In the case of injectable “Prohormone”, PCT begins 10-14 days after the last injection, and after taking the pills, 2-3 days after the last dose.

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